College – What they didn’t tell you!

College- What they didn't tell you!

Cliff notes from my upcoming ebook “What they didn’t tell you about College”

  1. College will not guarantee you a job
  2. College and high school are very different
  3. Certifications can be alternative to college sometimes
  4. Colleges do not give you special certifications (example: CCNA)
  5. College is more difficult than high school
  6. College will take away your spare time, for a job, friends, family, etc
  7. Private colleges are not a good option, unregulated, “teachers” might be fake
  8. College diploma is the same as University degree
  9. College and University are different
  10. Internships can be very helpful experience
  11. Most resumes & job applications are ignored
  12. There are a lot of fake job postings (“phantom posting”)
  13. College may not give you real world skills, depending on major like Business, Marketing
  14. Software skills you might need may not be taught at college, learn online
  15. Different companies use different software programs besides MS Office
  16. Research the career or job you want in specific detail before college and find out exactly what you need to know, skills, software programs for specific companies or which are used most, for example, SAP, Salesforce, CRM programs, MS Dynamics CRM/AX
  17. You might need more technical skills after college, learn online
  18. College schedules are very hectic and random, unlike high school
  19. Technical skills are very important, programs or majors like journalism might be a waste
  20. Try learning online first for free before going to college or selecting a program
  21. Never buy new textbooks, only used textbooks. Don’t buy textbook unless needed.
  22. Most textbooks are useless, plagiarized, not needed, or not even used by teacher.
  23. Older textbooks are the same as new textbooks, they just switch things around.
  24. Don’t live in a dorm, it’s overpriced, not worth it, get a roommate or stay home.
  25. Do not use personal loans, try to use only grants and scholarships. High rates!
  26. Working during college is not a realistic option if you want good grades and to learn

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