Kodi Addons News Update 2017

top kodi addons covenant repo

**Update** repo http://dimitrology.com/repo
or                          http://kdil.co/repo/


  1. SuperRepo, Fusion Repo & COVENANT **Update** repo http://dimitrology.com/repo
  2. Indigo Fusion Addon
  3. AptoideTV

If you are looking for working Kodi Addons, we have search the web and found a few that you could try.

As of November 2017 Top Addons for Kodi (according to other websites)


  1. Covenant
  2. BENNU
  3. BoB Unleashed
  4. UK Turk’s playlists
  5. Elysium
  6. Genesis Reborn
  7. Pyramid
  8. Stream Hub
  9. Gurzil
  10. Mobdina

This list is just based on a poll of most popular addons. Most of which we have never heard of before. What we found to be most shocking is that 1Channel aka Primewire wasn’t even mentioned on the poll. Here is a short description of these new addons for Kodi.

Ever since the lawsuit this year launched by cable companies, like Bell and Rogers, and Hollywood,  Kodi Addons have stopped working. This is because a lot of the websites, addon servers, video hosts, and developers are either hiding or shut down at this time. Even though the developers are mostly using code that streams from legal websites ( a lot of tv shows and tv channels are actually free or available to watch online, cable companies just hide that fact and charge you a premium for the delivery of cable TV), there are also addons that have been rewritten many times by other developers to stream from all over the internet, scraping sources like a Google search engine.

Now that the Kodi Addons are currently not working, some new addons have been showing up, as rewrites of the original code. For example, addons like Exodus, Genesis, and Phoenix have been used to create new addons.

Of course, there are probably a lot of addons out there but are either secret for private use or only available upon paid request. So it is a good idea to probably keep the ones available a bit hush hush, until the lawsuits are dropped. As you can see on TVAddons.co, they are being sued and their original website, content, and domain are all shut down for the time being. Even the forum over at TVAddons.co is very quiet and unlikely to find any help with sources. TVAddons.co is actually asking for donations to help with their legal defense costs. Hopefully, they can raise enough money to reach their goals. They also have a contest going on to win free Amazon Fire TV box.

Covenant is a new 2017 addon derived from the popular Exodus and Genesis addons.
This addon can be found on the Ares Wizard Repo, as well as Smash Repo, and Dimitrology Repo. The Ares Wizard also has the Colossus repository as well as other add-ons, skins,  builds and tools for XBMC Kodi. *The developer of this addon Jsergio, has been forced by the MPA to remove addon and its source code from github. He received a letter and tweeted online about it, as well as to donate to Tvaddons.co to keep things running and fight the lawsuit.
URLS: (Repo Source)

http://dimitrology.com/repo   *update**

Currently Down** Nov 16**

Dimitrology Repository



This is an addon that has been used from the MOBDRO IPTV service app to create access to IPTV and movies.

Repo: http://playonmonkeys.com/repo/

BOB Unleashed (formerly Bob Unrestricted)

Bob Unleashed is another Kodi Addon used for TV and movies.
URL: http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/

BENNU (formerly Phoenix) **update** Currently down*

Bennu is another new Kodi addon that appears to be very customized for the developers who made the addon. They even seemed to have made their own custom playlists of their favorite movies under the names of Egyptian deities, like Thoth. You will find this addon a little strange at first but quite powerful. Maybe it was made to be kept secret. The repo can be found on the Ares repo which also has the Colossus repo. So you can use the same links above

Repo URL: http://areswizard.co.uk **Ares Currently down**

UK Turks Playlist

This Kodi addon is for movies, TV shows, Cartoons, live TV, sports and more.

Repo Source URL:


Genesis Reborn

The Genesis addon has been updated, similar to exodus, and now known as Genesis Reborn. It can be found on the Jesus Box Repo.

Repo: http://jesusboxrepo.xyz/repo/


This is another addon that used to be known as Zen addon,, found on the Noobs and Nerds Repo.

Repo: http://noobsandnerds.com/portal
Repo: http://nan.aftermathwizard.net/nanrepo/

Ultra IPTV

Repo: http://cazlo.com/repo

Rebirth 2017 (Exodus fork)

Repo: http://cypher-media.com/repo/


Repo: http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/


Repo: http://archive.org/download/repository.streamhub

Project M (Merlin Repo)

Repo: http://mwiz.uk/repo/

There are so many other addons also available, too many to list really.

Another great Addon that we don’t see mentioned much is 1Channel also known as Primewire. It is a great addon that is sweet and simple. The only problem is the issue with the sources requiring users to pair their device to sources like Openload which is one of the best sources to use. This is required because the website is using a lot of bandwith and not making any money. So when you click to pair your device with one of these sites it forces you to view ads in the form of popups. Don’t be scared, you aren’t going to get a virus. The website just needs to find a way to make money with advertising.

Pairing Devices

You can pair your android box or other device running Kodi by just using the wifi on your smartphone or laptop, as long as you are using the same wifi network. When the window pops up, you just click “I am not a Robot,” a Captcha opens up sometimes to prove that, you click on the pictures it asks you to. Then you scroll down and click “Pair.” After, the windows popup for ads, just close them, check to see is says you are successful with the pair.

Real Debrid & Premiumize

If you signup for a Real Debrid account you can get access to more sources and avoid all pairing issues. It doesn’t cost much about $9 for 3 months or $18 for 6 months, seems worth it.


A lot of websites recommend using a VPN as a proxy server to protect your privacy and to also block geo-restricting of some websites, addons and streaming services like Netflix, so you can get more access to more content. There are some free VPN’s but they aren’t so great. Another reason to use a VPN is to prevent your Internet service provider from “throttling” or decreasing your bandwidth, which makes your download speeds very slow.

Super Repo

Don’t forget the best all in one repo is SuperRepo, where you can find most addons but some are not on Superrepo yet. You can find more info on their website Superrepo.org

Repo: http://srp.nu/

Fusion Repo

Fusion Repo used to be the popular addon, it still works if you use the new

Repo: http://fusion.tvaddons.co


Some addons require other files or addons to help them work properly. F4M Tester, URL Resolver, INDIGO, are all addons you should also use for all the addons to work. If you try to install an addon and it says fail, it could be a missing addon or other dependencies.

Aptoide TV

Aptoide is a great app that you should include on your Kodi device or Android Box. It is a lot like Google’s Playstore, it gives you access to other apps. Download Aptoide from their website, it can’t be found on Google Playstore, then you can get access to AptoideTV. AptoideTV is another special app where you can download other special addons and even a special version of Netflix to work in full HD or 4k.


Covenant Repos

This repo currently has the Covenant addon listed as “Kodi-1”
http://dimitrology.com/repo     or http://kdl.co/repo/

This will most likely be gone soon so download it to your computer and SD card for backup.
Remember to use RealDebrid Account and a VPN.

covenant repo kodikodi repo covenant dimitriology

covenant repo kodi colossus
november 2017 kodi repo Covenant zipfile NOT Colossus repository

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