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Depending on what you are looking for when it comes to buying an Android box for Kodi or Plex,
there are a lot of different types of streaming media consoles or HTPC’s to choose from, not just Android boxes.
We will try to focus only on Android based boxes but also ones you can put Kodi on because who wants Roku?

If you are looking for a box based on price, features, or just hardcore power, it’s here!

When it comes to power obviously the more Gigabytes of RAM and CPU will be a priority.
You can buy some high powered device from Aliexpress, if you are looking for something with at least 3GB of RAM. However, if you are looking for something familiar with power and a more features like playing games, than a game console like the Nvidia Shield TV. It is designed for gaming, Kodi, movies, entertainment, music, smarthomes, and more. Nvidia Shield recently lowered their prices but is still one of the more expensive streaming devices with Android.

Nividia Shield TV

WETEK is also another great company that has recently released a new Android box almost as powerful as the Nvidia Shield TV, called Wetek Play 2. The Wetek Play 2 comes with a built in tuners for cable, antenna, or satelite. The Wetek Play2 also has the ability to play games as well with 2GB RAM. Wetek also sells a gaming controller now too, very similar to Nvidia Shield and Xbox. Wetek devices are specifically designed for Kodi, Netflix, Plex, IPTV and other streaming media apps. It’s a close comparison between the Nvidia Shield TV and Wetek devices. Both companies use custom firmware to work with the Android OS, making them superior to most Android Boxes. If you want more power and focus more on gaming then you might want to get the 3GB Nvidia ShieldTv. If you still want a powerful Android box that focuses on entertainment, built for Kodi, then you should get the Wetek Play2 and still play games. Its a tie.

WETEK Game Pad (Android & Windows Bluetooth)

Minix is an old but very popular brand of Android boxes that people seem to love and still keep buying to this day.


When it comes to price there are a lot of options for inexpensive Android boxes. Wetek is probably cheapest and highest quality Android box for Kodi. Wetek has many different Android boxes. The Wetek Play2 was recently released in 2017 and is still cheaper than the Nvidia Shield TV. Wetek also has the Wetek Core which is also very powerful with 4K resolution, 2GHZ, and 2GB of RAM. Wetek Core is also very comparable to the Nvidia Shield TV but less expensive. Wetek devices are also designed for flexibility with the tech geek in mind. Wetek is very unique because the device itself can host 2 dual boot operating systems, and can also be easily modified to use other operating system firmware like Enigma OS, similar to the Dreambox or MAG250 boxes that use satelite OTT for IPTV services. Wetek devices can also use other operating systems like Linux, Android, Enigma, OpenElec, Librelec and more. Wetek makes some amazing unique devices that can be used for a whole lot more than just run Android and Kodi.

Wetek also has other Android boxes like the Wetek Hub, Wetek Streamer, Wetek Play1, Wetek Play2, and the Wetek Core. Wetek devices come with a 2 year warranty, 24/7 tech support, online updates, and a great forum section with helpful forum members.

Cheaper android boxes can be found on the web of course in places like Aliexpress, Amazon, Newegg, and more.
Another Android box that seems to be getting some attention is the Xiaomi Mi TV Box, the international version. It has some great hardware and a custom firmware for the Android OS but is also much cheaper.

Xiaomi Android Box

Build Your Own Android Box Raspberry Pi

For the cheapest Android Boxes we suggest Aliexpress, but research reviews first. Product – DDR4 3G 32G Android 7.1 TV Box Amlogic S912 Octa Core 2.4G/5G Dual Wifi 1000M LAN 4K H.265 VP10 HDR10 Mini M8S PRO Media player


Other boxes that do not use Android or come with Kodi but can be sideloaded into Kodi are the Roku and Amazon Fire.

Amazon’s Android Boxes

4GB Android Boxes

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