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shameless best tv shows

Trenders Top TV Show Picks

1. Shameless
2. Orange Is The New Black
3. Gotham
4. Empire
5. American Horror Story
6. How to get away with Murder
7. Scream Queens
8. Big Bang Theory

There are a lot of TV shows today, but it is hard to find ones that are any good. Everyday more shows are popping up but a lot of times they fail to be entertaining or epic. We have put together a quick list of great TV shows, that might have heard of before but if not you really should watch them. The list above is not really in any special order although the Television show on Showtime called Shameless really deserves to be on top as one of the best shows ever.
We aren’t going to go in thorough detail about all of the shows but we will highlight a few.

shameless best tv shows


Shameless is a hit TV shows that is entering it’s eighth season, for a good reason, and has been developing a cult following. The show is actually a reboot of a British TV show in the UK, also called Shameless that aired years ago. The new “American” version of the hit TV series is a little bit different than the original but is even better.

The show is set in Chicago, about a wild alcoholic father (William Macy) and his dysfunctional family with six kids. The Father Frank Gallagher, spends most of his days drunk, seeking wild adventures, scams, hustles, survival, and fun times. The father is usually banned from the house while the oldest sister Fiona raises her crazy siblings. The mother Monica Gallagher is usually not in many episodes because she abandoned the family long time ago but she pops in every now and again for some wild misadventure. The TV show is meant for mature audiences, not children, as there is a lot of scenes of nudity, sexuality, profanity, drug use, violence, and other matters taboo. Shameless is a great epic show of comedy and drama. Some scenes will make you laugh hysterically, cry, or leaving you saying WTF?

You can find Shameless on Showtime, TMN (The Movie Network) or other premium channels or video on demand service. Reruns of Shameless can be found on Netflix and on some basic cable TV channels for older episodes that are censored. If you have a taste for taboo or wild entertainment, Shameless should be your next show to binge watch.

netflix kodi orange is the new black

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black, a Netflix original series, is another great show to watch for mature audiences. The show is about a nice girl named Piper who ends up going to prison because of mistakes she made in the past. The show is full of messed up scenes containing violence, nudity, comedy and drama. Piper has to learn quickly that Litchfield prison is not like a normal prison and that prison life isn’t anything like she had expected, constantly trying to surive and endure the lack of basic humanity. The Litchfield prison is corrupt, filled with gangs, complex characters and wild surprises.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story is a unique show that has a bit of anthology format to the series, as each season is a completely different story and different characters. AHS as it is often abbreviated is a great tv show but each season is so different that fans can be divided by each season. The most recent seasons that have developed a cult following were AHS Hotel and AHS Cult. The AHS Hotel was an epic season for the show as it starred celebrity Lady Gaga, as a vampire temptress in charge of a bizarre Hotel cult consisting of the living, dead, and undead. when the season ended, fans were hoping for a continuation of the same story but unfortunately the season that followed was called “Roanoake Nightmare.” Roanoake Nightmare was sort of a blair witch, haunted house type of story about a couple who buy a haunted house in the middle of nowhere. Roanoake Nightmare had mixed reviews after the hype from the AHS Hotel season. The most recent season called AHS Cult was definitely a new fan favorite as the show was based on real life events of politics in the United States with Donald Trump and a crazy Charles Manson style cult. This show is definitely a great watch if you like scary mysteries or are into politics.


Most people have probably heard of and seen the TV show called Gotham. It is a show based on the childhood and coming of age of Batman, Bruce Wayne, as well as other characters like Catwoman, Selena Kyle. In this spinoff series, we see a version of how Bruce Wayne grows up as a teen full of misadventure and transitions into Batman. The show also stars and shows how Jim Gordon becomes a main character mixed up in Gotham, as well as his connection to Bruce Wayne.

Scream Queens

Scream Queens is TV show that became a spinoff from the famous movie series Scream. The show is not about the original Scream series but has a plot about a bunch of sorority girls at a University that get caught up in the middle of a killing spree by a mystery serial killer, known as the Red Devil. The second season of the show the same group of girls find themselves working at a teaching hospital owned by the University dean with a new serial killer.

The other TV shows on the list are also great to watch if you haven’t heard of them, give them a quick search on Google to find the plot. We wanted to make sure everyone is aware of probably the greatest TV show ever made called Shameless, which is definitely our favorite that more people should watch.

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